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Harvest Investment Strategies, LLC

Harvest Investment Strategies, LLC

Registered Representative / Financial Advisor

(479) 715-6464

Harvest Investment Strategies LLC (H.I.S.) is a wealth management team located in Bentonville, Arkansas with existing clientele all around the country. We offer wealth advisory services to Northwest Arkansas's retail and entrepreneurial professionals.  Our founding partner, Jim, together with our ensemble of advisors gives our team over 36 years of industry experience weathering a number of fluctuating markets and economies.

Everyone in our firm is a fully licensed representative meaning that when you call our line, you always get someone who can take care of all of your needs.  Our ensemble style practice and portfolio optimization approach is what separates us from other firms. Strategic portfolio optimization is our approach for curating an investment experience that:  prioritizes your current needs and your future ones, assists you in weathering market volatility, and actively diversifies you to take advantage of shifting trends. This investment process proves our value and ensures we have frequent contact with our clients.  After all, when it's your livelihood we are talking about it is necessary to keep it top of mind. 

Our approach begins by discovering your values, guiding you through goals, taking your financial baseline, educating you on financial principles, and then implementing your one-of-a-kind strategy.  Whether you're at the beginning of your financial journey, deep in the midst of your high-income earning years, or already enjoying satisfaction for your years of hard work; we believe that we have value to add to your plan.  We look forward to working with you through all stages of your life.