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Over Concentrated Stock Position

Have you found yourself with a large stock position? Feel as if you have too many eggs in one basket?

Living in Northwest Arkansas provides employment access to some of the largest retailers, and consumer products companies in the US. Often employees of these firms accumulate large holdings of equity throughout their careers.  While this can be a great way to accumulate wealth: it can create over concentrated positions that fluctuate more drastically than a balanced portfolio, tax burdens, and or liquidity issues.

At Harvest Investment Strategies, we specialize in tactical strategies that slowly diversify away from over concentrated equity position using techniques that are catered to your financial needs or goals.

Reasons for an over concentrated position

  • 401k
  • Employee Stock Option Puchase/Profit Sharing
  • Inheritance/Gift
  • Board of Directors Compensation
  • Stock Splits

If you have an equity holding in excess of $100,000, we would love to talk with you and show you our unique solution to this issue.