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We use financial planning to give our clients a more complete view of their financial picture. Our MoneyGuide Pro software generates great visuals with the inputs our clients give and allows us to shed light on key areas of their plan. So what is MoneyGuide Pro (MGP), how does the process work, and can it really help people?

Simply stated a financial plan is a deliverable that details a clients income and expenditures extrapolated over their lifetime. Emphasis is placed on retirement years to see if clients will “run out of money”, or have enough funds to make it through. While that sounds easy enough, this is a process that takes time to input assumptions into the software, then update them as life changes. The task of populating the program falls primarily on our clients, however it is our job to guide them on investment assumptions such as growth, inflation, life expectancy, etc.

Where MGP differentiates its plans is by shifting traditional focus off of cash flows and onto life goals. Watch this video below to learn about the MoneyGuide difference.  Then below you'll find a series of videos showing a moneyguide walkthrough.

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Accepting Your Invite

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Starting A Plan

MoneyGuideOne Plan

Retirement Living Expenses

Retirement Scenarios

Goals and SS Income

Retirement Income

Assets and Risk

Monte Carlo

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