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Release Dates for 2020 Tax Documents

Release Dates for 2020 Tax Documents

January 21, 2021

Pershing will once again implement a phased mailing schedule to ensure clients receive the most complete tax forms as early as possible. This method accelerates the issuance of original 1099 forms and cuts down on the need to publish revised 1099s, thereby reducing the number of clients that have to submit corrected tax filings. How early you receive your 1099s depends on the types of holdings in your accounts.

Clients will receive a premium version of their Form 1099 called the Tax and Year-End Statement at no additional charge. The TYES includes realized gain/loss information, 12 months of checking and debit card activity, electronic deposits and withdrawals, and dividends and interest.

The phase release dates are as follows: 

Phase 1 - Jan 31st

Phase 2 - Feb 15th

Phase 3 - Feb 28th

Phase 4 - March 15th

Year End Quarterly Performance Reports Are Out

You should expect contact from us to schedule or review your 2020 year end Quarterly Performance Reports. All managed fee based accounts receive one. 

Now is a great time to ask about our financial planning services, and begin the new year with a plan!