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Is the idea of 'Retirement' changing?

September 15, 2020

Just the other day I heard someone who recently retired from a long career with a Fortune 500 company exclaim that they were 'technically retiring from their career, but that they weren't really retiring'.  You've probably heard similar statements or know someone who is shifting to a new career path later in life. It is even common these days to find someone who quit their corporate job to pursue their 'side hustle' full-time.  

We encourage our clients to set up multiple income streams early in life, so that even if they 'retire' from their corporate job before they are mentally and physically ready to stop earning income, they can supplement their retirement needs with a steady stream of cash.  Besides just the benefit of income, working and pursuing a fulfilling career has its other benefits.  Check out this cool video from Investor's Business Daily on reasons why you should never fully retire!