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Market Volatile, But Valuations looking better

Market Volatile, But Valuations looking better

March 03, 2022

This year’s stock market correction drove valuations to their lowest level since April 2020 for U.S. large, mid and small cap indices. The P/E ratio based on forward earnings is below the average since 2005 for the S&P 400 (mid-caps) and S&P 600 (small caps). While near-term volatility has led to a drop in stock prices from record highs, the fundamentals remain positive for equities.  


Here is a brief refresher on P/E ratios

Another relationship we've been studying, to improve client morale during this period of geopolitical turmoil, is between companies earnings and their price levels.  The chart below depicts the overall earnings of the entire S & P 500 index and its price levels.  The almost 1-1 correlation between earnings and price levels is undeniable.  Currently S & P earnings through the first quarter of 2022 are still looking positive. While the growth rate at which earnings ramped up post pandemic is slowing, earnings growth is still in tact albeit slower. (It is helpful to remember that earnings come out after the quarter is completed.  Jan-Feb we just receive the info from Q4 2021 earnings)

Many have speculated that the market correction was due to valuation adjustments in anticipation of the Fed lifting rates.  If a valuation haircut was the item the market was digesting, then at least we've already seen a significant one. 

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